About Vladimir M. Petrov

Born 1937, Moscow.

1961 — graduated from the Department of Electronics, Moscow Power Institute.

1961 — 1973 — Institute of Applied Physics (Moscow).

1973 — 1978 — Laboratory of Sociological Models, Central Institute for Mathematical Economics (Moscow).

1966 — 1973 — Head of Aesthetic Department, Study Group of Semiotic Problems, Moscow State University.

Since 1978 — State Institute for Art Studies, Moscow.

Since 1993 — Honorary Professor of Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture.

Since 2002 — Professor of the Management State University (Moscow).

DIed 2022, Moscow. 


Major fields of interests: quantitative methods in the humanities, art studies, psychology, sociology, social and cultural politics, information theory, semiotics, linguistics.

Participated in more than 150 scientific congresses and conferences in Austria, Azerbaidzhan, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, & USA. Delivered lectures in the Universities of Sofia (Bulgaria), Pecs (Hungary), Cassino (Italy), & Santa-Cruz (USA).

Participated in Russian Dissident movement (1960's - 80's), as a theoretician, poet, prose-writer, and journalist (‘Samizdat'). In 2000 published a book of poetical translations: "Kaleidoscope" (English, French, and Italian verse) and a book of own original poetry: "Reversibility of Time".

Published more than 600 scientific papers (in 14 languages), including 16 monographs.